Escape from Pirate Island – Devlog V1.11.29

Warning: We are doing testing with new Unity Beta features, so things may or may not look/work as expected until we get further down the road. We are in pre-Alpha phase of development and suggest that players use the GOOD or FAST modes depending on capabilities of hardware during this period.

Brave testers can get your free Game here:


Specifically, we are testing the new lighting options so please be patient until it stabilizes.

In this build we changed the lighting mode from ‘Subtractive’ to ‘Shadow Mask’ which is supposed to give Near objects realtime light and Far objects baked light depending on the shadow distance. This will (ultimately) result in fewer draw calls but we have of course not fully tested/implement this yet.

Also the light map size is now 2048 instead of 1024. Shadow angle is set to 45 deg and under the direct light settings, we have changed the strength for shadows from 0.621 to 1

Underwater Caustics is currently disabled due to incompatibility issues with beta Unity and we may not use it if too heavy on CPU/GPU.

The general game play in this version has not changed, so unless you want to see the light experiments with soft shadows, not much is new in this version.

We plan to upgrade/debug and test the Game Engine as fast as possible during the next month or so. This means the game is not optimized for FPS at the moment.

Version 1.11.21 will also have a TimeofDay cycle that dynamically changes the movement of the Sun (above the fog) to create the illusion of early morning, daytime, late afternoon ambient light. The cycle repeats every 16 minutes of actual time.

Version 1.11.222 Will feature more advanced Player Vitals including Hunger, Thirst, Stamina Bars as well as Body Temperature. All these will affect the player’s overall Health depending on what the player does. We have also added a loading…progress bar to inform player of loading time of Level01.

V1.11.26 is experimental and uses Linear color space (we are testing & comparing against Gamma). The result is a more somber mood in Level01, with better (more accurate) color blends. Note: We had to drop support for old Windows PC’s (mostly prior to 2007) using DX9 API. So you ideally should have a PC that is less than3 years old with a modern GPU (not required but reccommended) capable of DX11 support for best results. Test and let us know any issues you find but please remember this is alpha build so it is suggested to pick the ‘GOOD’ mode or ‘FAST’ mode as the game is not being optimized fully yet. PC should have at least 8gb Ram as well.

V1.11.26d uses Pre-baked collision meshes, which works better for most machines without a GPU and or older hardware when played on the Native Screen in Good/Fast/Fastest Mode.

Example Test Machine: HP Probook 4540s running ubuntu 16.04 LTS with an Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz x 4 with Intel Ivybride Mobile Graphics. When playing in fastest mode on this machine with 1280 x 720 resolution (from Game Setup Config), one can easily achieve up to 60 FPS. Close all other applications when playing the game as well and experiment with best modes for your rig.


Note: Playing on a laptop screen will usually be faster than playing on an externally attached monitor with HDMI cable but it depends on the configuration, so Start with ‘Good’ Mode on Native Monitor to find what works best for your system.


  • Fixed ‘instant die’ bug
  • optimized underwater shadows
  • optimized framerate for amberjack fish schools
  • FPS in Good Mode with 1280 x 720 resolution,  now 45-50 FPS
  • FPS in Fastest Mode with 1280 x 720 resolution, now 50-60 FPS
    • Note: If your machine does not have a GPU and at least 8Gb Ram you should lower the resolution as per above for best results.

Trailer Video (actual pre-alpha game video) here:

NOTE: Check back often, as we try to publish at least one update every week.HW Requirements: A 64-bit Windows/Mac/Linux OS with 8GB Ram and optionally a CPU + GPU.


  • Upgraded game engine to Unity 5.6.0f3
    • In ‘Simple mode’ with 1280 x 800 resolution framerate is 40-60FPS tested on an ubuntu laptop with 16gm Ram on built-in graphics.
  • Added new AI for Deer
    • Certain deer are aware of the player and will be passive/flee/attack depending on the behavior of the player and situation.

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