Escape from Pirate Island – Devlog V1.11.17

  • Get your copy here:
  • Upgraded to new game engine V5.6.0b8 (beta) which still has a few issues one them breaking the underwater ‘Caustics’ effects, so disabled that for now. (This means for now that the camera for underwater effects is set to perspective instead of orthographic. We will reverse this once caustics works again.)
    • also enabled lightmap static for testing and do manual light-map baking
    • set fog density underwater to 0.06 (was 0.04), so a bit denser
  • Changed the directional light from real time to mixed to test if it helps performance
  • Rescaled the water plane and decreased underwater visibility to intentionally confuse player and let him/her become disoriented easier if player did not pay attention to bearing on compass to find reciprocal path out.
  • Drowing is easier
  • Shadows are also (temporarily ) disabled
  • Any 3d artists out there wanting to contribute a few plants/rocks for above/ below water? Better quality cabins/props perhaps? Even a new animal like a seal, beaver, or whatever very welcome but should include basic animations and be .fbx (Unity game engine) compatible with z-axis forward and ideally not use legacy animations.

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