Escape from Pirate Island – Devlog V1.11.16

  • new above water effects and enhanced underwater view looking up to see trees/objects
    • beautiful dark blue for deeper water
    • refractions and reflection improvements
    • better fps above & below water
    • set caustics max depth to 45 (was 40)
  • Player now runs/walks faster
  • added two groups of AI crows with free roaming behaviour and semi controlled behaviour
  • Rebaked lighting and occlusion culling for some optimization
  • blur effect (of fog lens) now set from 0.5 –>0.3 to make it a bit less blurry
  • player camera far plane is now 1200
  • moved amberjack fish schools closer to shore and slightly more underwter
  • added royal sailing ship with AI
  • rebaked lighting and occlusion culling for new objects
  • adjusted noise & grain underwater (black boost .33, white .33)
  • replaced mesh collider on stool at camp with simple box collider
  • enlarge rear wall collider on shed at docks (box)
  • skeleton in the reeds
  • added more amberjack fish schools
  • bloom special effects to create ‘volumetric’ fog effect with slight blur
  • new underwater effects including invisible game boundaries

Download Escape from Pirate Island

Suggestion: While the game is not yet optimized we suggest players without graphics cards and 12gb Ram use the ‘Good’ graphics mode or lower while test playing.



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