Escape from Pirate Island V1.11.8 Devlog

Changes for this version:

  • Work in progress on camera clipping (huts/towers/tent/barrel)
  • changed settings for minimap camera (FOV=60, Near Clip=10)
  • added candle/holder in bedroom
  • added bad/good mushrooms (more will follow)
  • lowered whale patrol deeper into water
  • working on collider on fisher house and replace with box such that player can still get onto porch
  • working to add capsule colliders to pear trees
  • apples in tree near pirate bay hut now edible (and better model)
  • working on texture turtle eggs (replace temp spheres) , cast shadow
  • added boar patrol (2 locations, different paths)
  • 3dArtists – We need:
    • otter, beaver, raccoon, egret, heron, pelican, cat, other suitable animals
    • decorative props for huts and world
    • torches, old lamps, candles, flintstone/lighter,axe pickup->stew
  • added cargo on jetty and in shed
  • re-enabled and baked directional light (fps around 30+)
  • added hotkey  C for minimap/compass toggle on/off
  • enabled blur with downsample  of 1 (but 0 works too)
    • (improves docks/boats/grass/sand/underwater visuals etc.)
  • player can now drown…don’t stay underwater to long/far

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